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Allison. Twenty. Florida Gator! I have a love for laughs and smiles; it seems that I am always in a good mood and I love to make the people around me smile as well.
I'm obsessed with pink and pretty things, even though my friends abhor it xD

I never go on tumblr anymore because it distracts me from my studies. However, this is something I want to write and make public to let everyone know that they should be appreciative of what they’re given and never take anything or anyone for granted.

I almost lost one of my littles last night. I can’t go into details because I don’t want this little to be embarrassed about what happened. But yeah, I almost lost her. For a good five hours, my mind went racing everywhere from her being left out in the cold, to being hit by a car, to some creeper rapist picking her up in the middle of nowhere. All I kept imagining was her limp body on the side of the street completely lifeless with no one around to help her. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so much worry and frustration over not being able to do anything to help someone so close to me. 

In the end, everything did turn out ok, but I never stopped worrying. In fact, I’m still worried right now. For those five hours when I imagined her not being in my life anymore was one of the worst feelings I’ve ever had. Finding out that she was ok was the biggest relief, and only then did I come to the realization that I shouldn’t take the people around me for granted. I never know when something bad is going to happen to someone I love.

So yeah, I’m sorry if this post is really depressing. But I just needed to write this somewhere so that I have something to look back to.

Ate lunch next to sharks and stingrays for the first time #LunchWithAView


"Sometimes I hate living in a different country. It’s too many goodbyes, and every goodbye seems like the last. A plane crash, a sinking boat, a house on fire… I’m never prepared for what could possibly come. The struggles of living 3000 miles away are much more difficult than the mundane problems we feel are too great. If I could have one wish, it is to be closer and be in their memories forever."

Found my Hello Kitty tin lunchbox today! #HelloKitty #RelivingChildhood

"You can do whatever you want. Just be prepared for the consequences that follow your actions, and know that my perception of you will change based on the decisions you make."